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The 100th episode celebration don't stop! Today you gonna listen the guestmix by Augusto Merli, recorded live at Happy Hour Deep Space Bob Salon! More info about Augusto Merli:

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Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Scatterbattery - Gull Stream - [Xynthetic Netlabel]
2) Seawash - Free Alternatives - [Delsin Records]
3) Lawrence - Neonlights (Original Mix) - [Mule Music]
4) Deux Tigres - Dragonfly (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) - [Moodmusic Records]
5) Alex Israel - Front Butt - [Creme Organization]
6) Ignacio Tardieu - [Caleta deepindub netlabel]
7) DaYz & KnItE My - Brothers Know (Superloader's Brothers In Deep Remix) - [Supafeed Netlabel]
8) Rick Wade - The Feeding - [Aqua-Booty! Records]
9) Florian Muller - Little Deep - [Xoom Recordings]
10) James Johnston - From Here To Somewhere - [Xoom Recordings]
11) Xio - What Is House Music? - [Obtained Records]

2nd hour exclusive guest mix recorded live at Happy Hour Deep Space Bob Salon mixed by Augusto Merli (Brazil).
Sorry… No playlist! Recorded live at Happy Hour Deep Space Bob Salon august 18, 2012.

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