Deep Space Podcast - week250

E ae!
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Yes! Finally, the week250 is arrived! And it couldn't be otherwise: vinyl only, music handpicked from classics of the podcast to new tunes, recorded live precisely to celebrate together with my brothers in music Edu Monagatti and Daniel Corvello at their amazing party 'SuperminiClub' in the last Sunday, September 17th 2017, on the MAJOR Bar, located in Suzano, São Paulo, Brasil.
We had great times together with another good friends, with Edu warming up that sunny afternoon. Then I've started this set that you'll listen today. And last but not least, Daniel has closed the party greatly with an excellent 2 hours mix.
All recorded, all archived and you can check the video recording of this show in the link below:

Many thanks to Monagatti and Daniel for inviting me and I hope you guys enjoy this show and also the video recordings, I'll let you know when ready to watch the whole party on Youtube.
And I'm looking forward for the next shows that gonna be a very special season of 2 hours episodes featuring excellent guestmixes in the 2nd hour!

Enjoy the week250!

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