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E ae!
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Today you gonna listen the exclusive guestmix by Buder Prince (Deep Obsession Recordings, South Africa).
You can check more info to Buder Prince and Deep Obsession Recordings in the links below:

The first track is a bomb by Deeperholic and you listen it exclusively right here at Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for sending it in advance, Steve!

Enjoy the week266!

Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Deeperholic - Schizophrenia
2) Vicmari - Good & Bad Side Of Me
3) Sir Rizio feat. Xam - I Can Tell (Nicky Deep RainDrop s Re-Fix) - [AfroMove Music]
4) DJ Aakmael - Track 1 - [Slow Down]
5) Urulu - Cold Ravioli - [Amadeus]
6) Emilie Nana - I Rise - [Compost]
7) Rawdio - Circles - [Swing & Jam]
8) PK VIbe - Terminal 4 (Mindless Output) - [AfroMove Music]
9) Jacssen - Clerick - [Swing & Jam]
11) Melodymann - Tears Of Jazz - [Melodymathics]

2nd hour mixed by Buder Prince (Deep Obsession Recordings, South Africa)
1) Evren Ulusoy - In the Name of the Dogs (Original Mix) - [Bakroom]
2) Fera - There's Something (Original Mix) - [Audiophile Music]
3) Kenny Dolo Feat. Myazisto - Take Me To The Place (Original Mix) [Kenny Dolo Music]
4) Fera - Earth On My Feet (Original Mix) - [Audiophile Music]
5) Witty Manyuha - I Heard You (Main Mix) - [Globa Deep]
6) Vandal M - Moody Nights (Original Mix) - [FOMP]
7) Petr Serkin - Cassiopeia (Original Mix) - [Shanti]
8) The Black & White Musiq - Inpiration in Deep (Original Mix) - [Deep Obsession]
9) FKA Mash - No Talking (Original Mix) - [Stay True Sounds]
10) Ruthes MA feat. Cece - You My Butterfly (D.O.R Projects Remix) - [Deep Obsession]

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