week160 - Deep Space Podcast

E ae!
Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.

The first track I've played on this episode: "Forbidden Clan - Inner Peace" was given to me by my friend Emitate, and I'll give to all the listeners for free as well!
Download is available in the link below:

I'd like to send my best wishes to the excellent netlabel Broque which completes 10 years with a bunch of very nice music. The last track of this episode is available in the Broque 100. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Enjoy the week160!

Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1) Forbidden Clan - Inner Peace
2) Antenna Happy - Spark (Slumber Session Edit) - [Reinhardt]
3) Sub.Made - Memories - [Sublime Porte]
4) Sawi Lieu - Layar Maya - [Constellation Tatsu]
5) Dataline - Leave It
6) Missiles at a Wedding - Clear - [Step In Recordings]
7) Roman Flugel - Tense Times - [Dial]
8) Fred Buddah & Ofuren - Floral Synergy - [Roots Go Deep Music]
9) Loscil - Ahull - [Kranky]
10) Jordan GCZ - Fusionfuk - [Future Times]
11) Funky Knuckles - Shield Of Faith
12) 2hot - Mind Doodles - [Broque]

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