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Today once more amazing 2 hour program featuring guestmix by Guilherme M in the 2nd hour. On the last july 26th we celebrated our birthdays (the 5 year old of the podcast, actually) together Bob Toscano's birthday and we had a great time. He started playing in a beautiful sunset on that Sunday's afternoon and you will check out 1 hour set which he had decided to put together. Vinyl only!

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Enjoy the week177!

Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Lars Warn - Errance - [Guangzhou Underground]
2) The Zars - Knives And Fly Swatters - [Omena]
3) Deen - Locked In The Past - [Psychosomatic]
4) Robert Alexander - Signal Present (Ali Khan Full Moon Remix) - [Purespace Recordings]
5) Jenifa Mayanja - What A Strange Dream
6) Chocky - Secret Voyagers (Paxton Fettel Remix) - [Secret Reels]
7) Alex Agore - I Remember Many Things (GAZZARA TDL Remix) - [Guangzhou Underground]
8) Vandal M - Chiul Zone (Original Mix)
9) Michael Lovatt - Liselotte - [Deeper Shades Recordings]
10) Ballerino - Love (Bunki Remix)

2nd hour mixed by Guilherme M
Sorry, no playlist. DJ set recorded last july 26th in a private party celebrating the birthdays of Guilherme M, Bob Toscano and Deep Space Podcast.

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