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week274 is stunning! 2nd hour featuring exclusive guestmix by Maze MrPain (Johannesburg, South Africa).

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Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) P.H.O.R.K. - Get That One Note Jam - [Opal Tapes]
2) Cleveland - Tusk - [ESP Institute]
3) Ishmael - She Moves Me So - [Fate and Fiction]
4) Zed Bias feat. Wookie & Atjazz - A.D.L. - [Biasonic]
5) Urulu - Body Drum - [Voyage]
6) Detroit Swindle feat. Lorenz Rhode - High Life - [Heist]
7) Adham Zahran - With Every Passing (Live Mix) - [Fade To Funk]
8) James Dole - Ex - [Bergerac]
9) DJ Chocolatebar feat. Auni Saxton - Brand New Healing - [Streetlight]

2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Maze MrPain

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