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You gonna listen today a powerful guestmix in the 2nd hour by Ms Tweeter (Ohyea Muziq, South Africa).
OHYEA Muziq was nominated for the category Best Record Label in the Dance Music Awards South Africa 2018! You can vote for Ohyea Muziq in the category Best Record Label at dmasa.co.za

Please check more details about Ms Tweeter in the links below:

Enjoy the week283!

Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Andrea Curato Feat. Tapes - Kombela (Sphiwe Cas-Miz & Kgosi Motlhabi Rhythm Reprise) - [Arawakan]
2) Mangabey - GUFM - [Toy Tonics]
3) Bizio Cool - You Got A Feeling - [TR]
4) Gossan - Come Back (Original Mix) - [Fade To Funk]
5) HANZO - Veni Vide - [Fortunea]
6) Black Loops - French Affair - [De La Groove]
7) Vetja Lavita - Reverberation - [Vetja Music]
8) Diephuis - Sunlight - [NuLu Electronic]
9) Sinan Kaya - Getting Lost (Original Mix) - [Pogo House]
10) DJ Tayta - Chroma Lead - [Guangzhou Underground]
11) Pavel Dovgal Feat. Mujuice - Quency - [PROJECT MOONCIRCLE]

2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Ms Tweeter (OHYEA Muziq, South Africa)
1) Jon Cutler feat. Pete Simpson - Living (DJ Fudge Mix) - [Distant Music]
2) Urban Musique - Goblin (Original Mix)
3) Shur-I-Kan - Kermit’s Lodge - [Lazy Days Music]
4) Markus Enochson, Eman - Musical Prayer (Enochson Futurama) - [Liberate]
5) Rancido, Pascal Morais, Chappell - Take Our Time (DJ Tipz Dub) - [Arrecha]
6) Mr. Joe - Vector Groove - [Watergate]
7) Hyenah - You Made Me Who I Am - [Rise Music]
8) Lars Behrenroth - June 13th - [Deeper Shades]
9) Talk - Touching You (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - [Deeper Shades]
10) DJ Thes-Man, Kimicoh - Kind Of Love (Jackson Brainwave Rerub) - [Ohyea Muziq]

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