Marcelo Tavares hosts the Deep Space Podcast which has been running for 9 years and reached up 290 episodes. Marcelo has also contributed guestmixes to several well-known sites including Deeper Shades of House, deepindub Netlabel Podcast, SoundDesigners Podcast, Broque Radio Show, TROOP Overcast, Fields & Forests radio, to mention a few.

You can check the full list of exclusive guestmixes by Marcelo Tavares here.

Recently, Deep Space Podcast has joined to the web radios Deeper Shades Radio Network and HouseFrequency. Deep Space Podcast is playing in more 30 radio stations and web radios around the world.

From 2013 to 2018, Marcelo was resident DJ at ‘bar.’ in Sao Paulo / Brazil. Besides his own podcast, Marcelo also hosted the ‘Deep Space Show on Grooving.me’ (Moscow, Russia) from 2012 to 2015; hosted the ‘Deep Space Podcast Live’ in the livestreaming beta platform Loopcast from 2015 till 2016; also hosted the ‘Power Deep by Deep Space Podcast’ in the ‘Power web radio‘ from 2013 till 2016; was Executive Producer at RTS.FM Brasil in 2016/2017. And finally, he’s collaborator at Paunchy Cat Records.