Marcelo Tavares hosts the Deep Space Podcast which has been running for 11 years and reached up 380 episodes.

Marcelo has also contributed guestmixes to several well-known sites including Deeper Shades of House, deepindub Netlabel Podcast, SoundDesigners Podcast, Deep Inspiration Show, Broque Radio Show, Fields & Forests radio, to mention a few.

You can check the full list of exclusive mixes and guestmixes by Marcelo Tavares here.

Recently, Deep Space Podcast has joined to the web radios Deeper Shades Radio Network and Dublab Brasil.

Amazed by warmups of DJ Fabricio (in memorian) at Toco Dance Club in 1995, he decided to buy his own equipment (2 Technincs SL-1210MK2, 2 CDJs 500G plus mixers Vestax PMC900 and Gemini PDM7024). Started to organizing events around his neighborhood (Guaianases, São Paulo city) djing electronic music. At the same time, he met Ricardo Nunes, André Ribeiro (Rock Sucks), Daniel Ornellas and Jean Jams, very nice guys and currently best friends, which ones joined forces and made together a huge number of gigs in their location (São Paulo’s East side peripheral) between 1995 and 1999.

Contact: podcast@deepspacepodcast.com

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