submit guestmix

I can feature your mix (audio only, video or both) broadcasting it live or prerecorded under my page and multi-streamed to my Twitch and Youtube channels.

By broadcasting live, you must need knowledge on OBS or any other broadcaster software. PM me if you’ve interest.

For the mix recording, please follow details bellow:

 Audio file must be in MP3 320kbps format. Video file must be in MP4 1280×720 resolution; 30 FPS minimum.

 Playlist must be in the format:
Artist – Track Name – [Label]

 1 hour long mix;

 audio & video or audio only;

  EXCLUSIVE (never published before) with playlist.

 Files must be titled with your DJ name and all other infos must be in the email body.

 Voiceovers and jingles not allowed.

 Send downloadable link (Wetransfer or Dropbox ONLY) by email with Subject ‘Guestmix’ to:

I never give feedbacks if I don’t like a guestmix. But, if I like it, I’ll let you know before to publish it.

If I don’t like the mix, I’ll not publish it. Simple like that. 

Make it Deep! E ae!