week339 Deep Space Podcast

E ae!
Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Many thanks for listening.

I’ve a pleasure to invite for the second time and not for the last my little brother NKOSIE from Soweto, South Africa.
We have played together in the last year on his hood, Soweto, Johannesburg / Gauteng/South Africa at his own gig Follow The Boogie. Very nice to have him again exactly 2 years after his first mix!
Please check his music and give support on Bandcamp in the link below:

Finally, about my mix, it was recorded in September, 2019 at the gig DJsVinylTurntableHouseMusicTechno&Friends invited to play by my good friends Monagatti and Ricardo Marinho.

Enjoy the week339!

Artist – Track Name – [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
Sorry, no playlist. Recorded live in September, 2019 at DJsVinylTurntableHouseMusicTechno&Friendsinvited to play by my good friends Monagatti and Ricardo Marinho.

2nd hour spatial guestmix NKOSIE (South Africa)
1) Ludowick – TraiL – [Apnea Label]
2) Ludowick – Forma – [Apnea Label]
3) Steven Escarraga – A0.10 – [Cee Music]
4) Suki – Disconnect – [Suki Style]
5) Abdul Raeva – Gradient Descent – [Misplaced]
6) The G – Its not over till its over – [Molt Record Label]
7) Jas Rial – Polymer – [Psicodelica]
8) Andrey Pushkarev – Frame – [Luck Of Access]
9) The G – Aesthetic Capacities – [Molt Record Label]
10) Nkosie – Myth – [Unreleased]

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