week381 Deep Space Podcast

E ae!
Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Many thanks for listening.

You gonna listen in this episode for the 3rd time an exclusive guestmix by my brother Kat La Kat, from South Africa.

Sorry, but video recording from my mix unavailable due to copyrights.

Please check more detailed information about Kat La Kat in the links below:

Enjoy the week381!

Artist – Track Name – [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Dublicator – Vibronic Transition – [Cold Fiction Music]
2) Joe.N – Kvällsdagbok – [Seaweed]
3) Rai Scott – Track 4 Inspired – [Chateau Chépère]
4) Osunlade – MOSS, Pt. 2 – [Yoruba]
5) Owain K – Teifi – [Innate]
6) Saphileaum – Ra – [Good Morning Tapes]
7) Adverb – Intrinsec – [Etoka]
8) Serendipity – Open Your Eyes – [Chateau Chépère]
9) Vicmari – Drop From Your Eyes – [Blur]
10) Trinidadian Deep – Personal DUB Expression – [TH Pressing]
11) Moody Waters – Hindsight – [We’re Going Deep]

2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Kat La Kat
Sorry, no playlist.

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