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One more 2 hours episode featuring live guestmix by Alex Agore, recorded at June 26th 2021, exclusively for the Deep Space Podcast 11 years anniversary live streaming.

Please check more amazing music and detailed information about Alex Agore in the links below:
Bandcamp: https://alexagore.bandcamp.com/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/alex_agore

Enjoy the week382!

Artist – Track Name – [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Louf – Don’t Think Too Hard – [Omena]
2) Melotone – Slow E-Motion – [Feedoptions]
3) Midub – Hill Dub – [Midub Sound]
4) Information Ghetto – Echoes (Dub Mix) – [AvantRoots]
5) Zzzzra – Improvisation En Sieste Mineure – [Sublime Porte Netlabel]
6) user_ambiguous – The many roads inward
7) Martin Jarl – Shallow Water Blackout – [Drif Deeper]
8) BT Gate X-138 – Nightlight Kola Bay – [Space Of Variants[]
9) Synth-O-Ven – Differences (Original Mix)
10) Ralf, Lutho De Deep – Effortless (Original Mix) – [DeepHouseCyphers]
11) Palma Dulce – Metodologia do Encanto – [Tropical Twista]
12) Sora Ongaku – Glasses Of Scotch – [Mok]
13) Alakanani – Timer (Original Mix) – [MHID]

2nd hour live guestmix by Alex Agore (Germany)
Sorry, no playlist. Recorded at June 26th 2021, in the Deep Space Podcast 11 years anniversary live streaming.

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